Wire and Cable:

BIW: US Navy Hydrophone Cables - DSS, TSS, FSS, 2SWF, MWF

Brand Rex - General Cable: MIL-C-24643 - LSTSGU, LSMSCU, LS2SWU LS3SJ

Carol Electronics - General Cable: Shielded and unshielded control cables and coax

Coleman Cable Inc: Portable cord - SOOW, SJOOW, W, G, GGC, Weld, DLO, MTW Extraflex, flat boat

Data guide: Commercial marine shipboard cables, UL, IEEE-45, ABS approved, TNIU, TT/NT

General Cable: Portable cord - SOOW, SJOOW, W, G, GGC, Weld, DLO, MTW

Marine Tech: MIL-C-24640, DXW, MXCOW, 2XAO, 2XSOW, 2XO, MIL-C-915 SJ, low smoke commercial marine, TLSETPO, DLSETPO, C16LSETPO, High Temp cables, TGGT, MG1000

Monroe Wire and Cable: MIL-C-24643 - LSTSGU, LSMSCU, LS2SWU LS3SJ

Southwire: SOOW, SJOOW, W, G, GGC, Weld, DLO, MTW Extraflex, flat boat

Telefonika: SOOW, SJOOW, W, G, GGC, Weld, DLO, MTW Extraflex, flat boat

Times Microwave: MIL-C-17, M17/180-00001 through M17/226-00001, M17/134-00001, M17/135-00001

Products supplied by various other manufacturers: Coil cords, GTO-15, Brewery Cord (CBO), SIS cable, SRML, TGGT

Circuit Breakers:

L-3 / SPD Electrical Systems: Navy Circuit Breakers and Air Circuit Breakers parts

Cutler Hammer: Navy Circuit Breakers

New and used Commercial / Industrial / Residential Circuit Breakers: GE, Cutler Hammer, Square D, ITE/Siemens, Westinghouse, Zinsco & More

Miscellaneous Equipment:

Commercial Transformers: Acme, Hammond, Heavy Duty, Tierney

Appleteon: Plugs and Receptacles

Bryant: Strain reliefs, cord grips

Burndy: Connectors and Lugs

Carlon/T&B: Enclosures

Comsaco: Navy Terminal Boxes and Switches

Crouse Hinds: Plugs and Receptacles

Dorn Equipment: Nylon Tubes and Packing

Fabrication Dynamics: Navy Circuit Breaker Panels

Hoffman: Enclosures

Hose McCann: Sound Powered Telephones, Bells, Buzzers

Hubbell: Plug and Receptacles, cord grips

Kulka: Incandescent Sockets

Kindorf: Wire Hangars

Kearfott: Wipers

LC Doane: Mil-Spec Fluorescent Lighting

Leviton: Plugs, Receptacles, Cam Connectors

Marathon: Terminal Blocks, Brass Stuffing Tubes, Terminal Tubes

Mipco: Plugs, Receptacles, Connectors

Multi Electric: Navy Incandescent Lights

OZ Gedney: Strain Reliefs

Pauluhn/Cooper Industries: Plugs and Receptacles, Marine Lighting

Perko: Running Lights

Research Tool and Die: Cable Hangars, Clips, Navy Tubes

Rox: Multi Cable Penetration Systems

Russellstoll: Plugs, Receptacles, Maxgaurd, Angle

Thin and Thick Wall Shrink Tube

Navy Mil-Spec Symbol Items

Thomas and Betts: Lugs

Wiegman: Enclosures

Penn-Union: Cable Lugs

Weld Pads, Weld Studs, Ty-Wraps

Navy Transformers: Tierney Electrical Manufacturing

Staco Variable Voltage Controls

Krause Naimer Blue Line Control and Power Switches

Aerovent Axial Flow Fans

Baco Controls

Cutler Hammer - Navy Marine Controls

Buffalo Forge / Joy Mfg Mil Standard Vent Fans

Detroit Switch - Pressure and Temperature Switches

Electro Switch

General Electric - Navy Controls

General Electric-Meters, Lamps & Surplus Motor Starters

Hoyt - Panel meters

Kay Industries - Roto Phase Converter

Micarta - Insulating Board

Motor Starters - Used, Full Line Up To Size 6 (SQ D, Allen Bradley, Furnas, Siemans, Cutler Hammer and Overload Heaters)

Simpson - Test Meters

UEI - Test Meters

Altech Corporation - Din Rail Circuit Breakers, Enclosures & Terminal Blocks

Generac Generators

Ward Leonard Navy Controls


Namco Controls

Midwest / Empro Shunts and Ct's

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